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Default Re: ✧♫ okami-chan's ℛeopened and Very Much-ly ☆ℐmproved☆ Variété Shoppe

Originally Posted by Okami-Chan View Post

Snorunt, could you fill out the form LOL I need to know which colors to use. Sounds fun though, I don't think it'll be too hard

I'll get on yours right after, infernape.

I haven't sprited in a while so I may be kinda rusty :L I apologize.
As promised. X3

My apologies! Silly me. \D

Pokémon: Darkrai
Shiny?: Naaah.

Pokémon: Snorunt. If he's too hard, Mewtwo.
Markings? [Yes/No]:
CDI Color [Only in Neon]: Hm... neon purple? If that would look off, use whatever you want.
Coating Color : Not sure... Grey? Or you can choose.

Pokémon: Beedrill
Type: Ice (If that's too hard, you can pick any type. We all know ice is a hard type to do. \D)

I'm sure you'll be fine. Besides, it's always nice to have room for improvement! :D
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