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Default Re: CLOSED FOR A BIT✧♫ okami-chan's ℛeopened and Very Much-ly ☆ℐmproved☆ Variété Shop

:DDD knowing my work is appreciated is super fantastical awesomesauce. fusions I get rusty on if I don't do them for a while. I imagine I'll start getting better again soon.

I WILL. I WILL MAKE A RING DING DONG MINHO TRAINER. omg what pokemon do you think he would have? he seems like an alakazamer

and thanks 4934069 for the compliment I just yay

ahhh you posted while I was typing this. LOL
yeah you can, no problem. do you have a shop though? you can try one, I just don't want them being offered in other shops. but in the spriter's showcase, for your sig or whatever is fine with me.

closed for now, gonna do some stuff on my own. will open back up tomorrow whenever I get on.


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