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Default Re: CLOSED FOR A BIT✧♫ okami-chan's ℛeopened and Very Much-ly ☆ℐmproved☆ Variété Shop

I've finallyyyy finished. Glaceon was hard :I each one is a separate image.

I really liked the second pose, so I did that too. The markings are slightly different than the first frame.
Alsooo I noticed that the shiny ones look better against a light background and the normal ones look better against a dark one.
and awesome, I inspired you? aww

I'm glad you like it :D I did add some highlights on her gown, I felt it looked a little too flat.

thanks ;__; I still have a lot of room to improve though. and I need some more originality.

Tombi likes my art? how does this happen o__o you're a great spriter yourself, thanks so much.

the shop is still closed right now. Gotta make a trainer still, and that takes a while. but I want to open back up later today.


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