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Default Re: How many Pokemon have you seen/caught so far?

I'm close to seeing all the Isshu Pokemon though. Just need one more to see.

And I need to migrate from my Japanese Platinum... first. I've been too lazy... and I can't anyway. My niece destroyed my game cartridge by depositing it into the toilet. Lol.

Anyway, I guess my craziest catch story would be going to Virizion and soft resetting until I got the nature I wanted. It ended up being shiny upon the first time I encountered it (with me saving in front of it beforehand) I'm like "IT'S PINK...." ...So I kept resetting...

No matter how many times I reset it, still shiny. D: So I had 4 Dusk balls, 5 Ultras and 6 Timers. It ran through those dry until the last Dusk ball.

It was Timid, like I was aiming for. Lol...

And catching Cobalon before Virizion was funny. It stayed in a Pokeball. No joke.
And catching Tornelos with a Critical Catch Quick Ball. It was fantastic...

So now... all I've been doing is hatching egg move Pokemon, like Emonga with Iron Tail & Air Slash. Mijumaru with Air Slash, Night Slash, & Trump Card. Pokabu with Curse & SuperPower. My next project will probably be Chimchar with the Fire & Thunder Punch moves. <3

...Got off topic a little, but that was me. n_n I have 300+ hours (because of breeding endlessly)
Edit: I've seen 487 Pokemon and caught 253~

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