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Default Re: Individual RP: Xalapeno


"I think we should keep going and look for other creatures, I'll let this little guy go for now. My goal here is to catch a Rotom above everything else. However, I also wouldn't mind running into a couple others."

Calvin winced. "Rotom, huh? Those are tricky little buggers, no mistake, and there's no guarantee you're catching one even if you run into it. Well, keep your eyes peeled, mate, and best of luck to you." He let the Zubat be, beckoning for his Drifloon to follow him, and continued, purposefully, deeper into the power plant. The darkness grew deeper as they drew further and further away from the exit; a Stygian blanket threatened to envelop them completely, but the light from the Charizard's tail provided enough light for them to continue on their way.

Presently, they came upon a rusted doorway. Calvin put a finger to his lips, indicating silence, and gently pushed the door open. It swung on rusty hinges, creaking softly as it went, and Calvin entered the room, cautiously, Drifloon close by. The room itself was large and spacious; at one point, it must have been some kind of central hub for the power plant, but now it was dark, dormant, and derelict. A massive generator, gaunt in their sparse light, stood, motionless, in the middle of the room, a centerpiece among other pieces of miscellaneous machinery. Every step echoed, dismally, of the walls, rotting with damp.

Wrinkling his nose, an appalling scent hit Calvin's nostrils. Looking for the source, he saw, in the corner, a pile of Pokemon excrement. Blanching slightly, he walked slightly closer (but only slightly) to investigate, and saw lion-like paw prints in the dust. "This here, this looks like Luxray or Shinx, to me." he said to Robert, half-whispering, for the silence of the room demanded a kind of solemn silence in return, like a great church or holy place. "More than one, a pack of them. Now, Shinx are easy, but if we run into mum or da Luxray, we're in a bit of a fix. Judging by the, er, smell, it's recent, so be on the look out." Calvin chuckled, a bit nervously. "Constant vigilance, eh?"

Suddenly, a metallic, grinding sound; Calvin's head snapped in its direction, which was coming from behind the great generator. This was no Shinx or Luxray; it was cold and alien, a soft whirring punctuated in stark contrast by harsh clicks and metallic thuds. Something came up from behind the generator- it was covered in shadows, but Calvin could see it had a rough, lumpy shape, with sharp protrusions- there was an odd symmetry about it. Calvin slowly edged towards Robert and Fuego. "Magneton," he whispered, "It depends on the individual, but they're usually not all that aggressive. If you like, we could back out of here...but if you want, you could try and catch it. Case in point, the magnetism is very powerful; keep your distance, it's not the safest thing for flesh and blood type folks like us."

Trainer Stats:
Trainer Name: Robert (Xalapeno)
Location: Abandoned Power Plant
Fuego (Charizard)- M/Serious/Blaze [Currently out of Ball]
Jolty (Jolteon)- F/Jolly/Volt Absorb
Noche (Umbreon)- M/Docile/Synchronize
Items: 6x Park Balls, 3x HyperBalls, Camera
Encounters Remaining: 13
Pokemon Encountered: Zubat, [Genderless ??? Magneton]
Pokemon Captured: None
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