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Default My new game

Hey evryone, I'm new but this is what I need. I am making a new game, a knock off of pokemon called Indiemon. After completion I am going to get it published as an Indie Game on the Xbox 360. For anyone that wants to contribute go ahead. I will give credit to anybody that wants it. Since I'm more of a programmer than anything needed for making a game, I need a bunch of stuff. I will pick out the thing I like the best, for example I am not going to use everyones sprites. Ok this is what I need:

Boxart(you might want to hold off on this until the sprites are chosen but you can try)
Indiemon Sprites
Music(pokemon type music)
Basic Sprites(trainer sprites, badges, map sprites)
Maps(Note: that I might not use the maps but if they are good I will use them)
Title Screen

I hope the game will be done by June 1st. I'll keep everyone updated with what sprites I'm going to use and I'll post Screen Pics.

Note: The pics and music must be Newly designed by you, no stealing from other people and taking credit for it