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Default Re: HGSS Discussion/Question & Answer Thread

Originally Posted by MikeLanglois View Post
Hey guys, does anyone know where i can find a ralts? I checked bulbapedia but it just says swarm and idk what that means :$

Also, why doesnt battle frontier give exp :(
I know the Ralts question was already answered, but it was done so incorrectly.

Yes, you do need the national dex before you can find Ralts in the wild.

No, you will not be called if it is swarming. This is true with all swarm pokemon (Remoraid, Chansey, Yanma, Snubbull, Dunsparce, etc.). If you listen to Oak's Pokemon Talk Show on your PokeGear, he and Mary will announce a pokemon that is swarming that day.

More information on Pokemon swarms is on Bulbapedia's "Mass Outbreak" page.
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