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Default Re: Heart of a Lugia [PG - PG 13 for violence]

Originally Posted by aeoneeveemoon View Post
I think that was your idea, GS.

And if you want formal Legends, you'll get them... soon... Lucent is a teenager. Teen angst for the win. Just look at Zuko from The Last Airbender (series, not movie)

I'm sorry I don't have an image for Hexluk; I may whip one up. But there's a HoaL-related image that's far more pressing pretending to occupy my time (meaning, I haven't started on it yet).

Team Darkstar IS kind of like the other organizations - only worse. As in, lethal. They more or less know what they're doing. Except for capturing Lucent; that was a minor fail on their part - and not just because he set all the Pokemon 'free'.
But you'll find out about that....
Oh, really? xDDD Well it's still cute, haha. And his large sentence. xD

No no, I said that I thought it was cool that he wasn't formal. Since it's not often that you see formal ones, I thought it was awesome to see one like him that wasn't like that at all. ^^ It's breaking a stereotype, if you will. Oh yes, haha, if I ever DO see the movie, it's going to be to mock the crap out of it, because from what I've seen and heard of it, it's a complete disgrace to the series. And I love the series to death, so that makes the movie even worse. Anyway.

It's fine. ^^ I just thought seeing on sometime would be cool. Oh, really? :D I'd love to see it sometime! :D

Yeah, I imagine. Dx I get the feeling that they're pretty hardcore, which is backed up by what Martet said about them not caring about their pokemon as living creatures at all.

Oh, I forgot to mention! I thought you wrote the underwater scene really well. It captured Lucent's feelings accurately, and I think the description was great. The whole notion of the submarine being the predator and Lucent being the pray was brilliant, and it really set up Darkstar's view of itself, and put it out there that they were competent. Aware. And able to bring anyone down, even a powerful Legendary like Lucent. I just loved that whole underwater scene. ^^ Apart from the fact, of course, that Lucent was captured and all. Dx

Also, are you okay? You seem not very lively. o:

Everyone who's still stuck here, Pe2k is Dead. It's sad, but it happened. Instead, we moved to...

Pokemon Crossroads!
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