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Default Re: Individual RP: Xalapeno

Presently, they came upon a rusted doorway. Calvin put a finger to his lips, indicating silence, and gently pushed the door open.
I followed Ranger Calvin closely, accompanied by Fuego. The room we entered was larger than I had expected and the air also had a high amount of moisture. Charizard’s once incandescent flame had dwindled to an emaciated glow; managing only to provide enough light for me to see clearly within a two meters distance. Other shapes were of course visible, but with the poor light conditions their actual compositions were left to my imagination. The room also housed a most repugnant smell. The air was thick with the foul odor.

I pulled my shirt tightly over my nose to try and filter out the overwhelming stench. Then being a smart alec I told Calvin, “My goodness, I was under the impression that this power plant was abandoned. This place doesn’t even come close to the smell of a Weezing and Muk convention in the summer I bet. Those Luxray sure as heck don’t know anything about cleaning up after themselves.”

Charizards nostrils flared at my comment, either because he agreed or because the smell was much too strong for him, perhaps even a combination of the two. I personally did not want to spend another second in this room, not even the appearance of Rotom would’ve made it worthwhile.

Suddenly I heard a soft drone coming from the center of the room. I looked at the generator in surprise thinking that it was the source of the sound. Calvin then silently mentioned that it was a Magneton. Sure enough, I directed my eyes above the generator and saw a hovering form that had a rather triangular shape to it. Since it was in a darker part of the room, I couldn’t tell if it was looking at us or looking for us, but I did know that we had woken it from its slumber.

As Calvin walked back towards me I whispered, “Even if I did happen to want this Magneton, the stench in here is really hard to overcome. Also, I don’t think that I’m alone on this opinion.” Charizard had begun tugging at my shirt and motioning to the door from whence we entered.

“Calvin, please try to get us out of here, I don’t particularly wish to find out if that Magneton is in a bad mood and much less in this smelly place”, I pleaded.

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