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Default Re: Christmas Time is Near {WWC Entry}

A warm fireplace flickered in the cool night, casting orange shadows on the sleeping children. Mrs. Anders rocked back and forth in the old rocking chair as she finished reading the classic Christmas tale – the one that everyone has heard when they were a child.

It was Christmas Eve and all through the brick house, not even a Rattata was stirring. Everything was silent in Rustburo City.

Mrs. Anders, a short woman with dark red hair, stood up a good twenty minutes after her children had fallen asleep. The twins, Zoey and Eva, were curled up next to each other, each cradling their favorite Pokémon stuffed animals. In Zoey’s pale arms was a Skitty and in Eva’s, an uncommon Pokémon that is not native to Hoenn – a Phanpy.

The youngest in the Anders family, Noel (she was born on Christmas Day four years ago), was curled up under her Pichu and friends blanket, cuddling one of the family pets. Noel and the Poochyena were sound asleep, as was the rest of the house. Mrs. Anders stood up and carried Noel up to her bed, placing the young Poochyena on Noel’s bed as well. Mr. Anders helped his wife put the nine year old twins to bed as well.

“You’ve got the Phanpy, haven’t you?” Mrs. Anders asked in a whispered and urgent voice.

“Of course I did,” Mr. Anders replied. “I had to call in a ton of favors to get my hand on him, though. You remember Abby Frust, right? Her sister lived in Johto and had a couple of Donphan. She started to breed them, so I got to chose the Phanpy that’s right for Eva.”

Mrs. Anders sighed with relief. “Oh thank goodness. I was starting to worry about whether we could get a hold of one.”

“I managed, didn’t I?” Mr. Anders said with a smirk. “You got the Skitty for Zoey?”
There was a distinct and dreadful pause.
“You were in charge of the Pokémon for the girls, Ralph,” Mrs. Anders said slowly, as if she was afraid that her husband would miss something.

“I was in charge of obtaining the Phanpy, Susan,” Ralph Anders retorted painfully.

“So we don’t have a Skitty for her?” The short woman banged her tiny fist on the kitchen counter. “You need to go out and get a Skitty, Ralph. Zoey will be horrified if Eva gets a Pokémon and she doesn’t. They are turning ten in two and a half weeks!”

From the top of the stairs, a blonde haired teen peered around the wall. “Hey, I can go out and get a Skitty, if you want me too,” he said, smiling mischievously.

“River! What on earth are you doing up?” growled Mrs. Anders, turning on her fifteen year old son.

“It’s a good idea, Mom,” River pointed out. “I mean, think about it. I know where they hang out, usually. Me and my Pokémon can catch one.”

Mr. Anders nodded his head in agreement. “He has a point, Sue,” he said.

“Ralph, I thought we talked about this. He is grounded. That means no leaving the house. There is absolutely no chance that he is going out there. And at night, for goodness sake’s Ralph, how can you agree with him?” Susan Anders said rapidly, flinging her arms in the air as she turned from her husband to her oldest child and back to her husband angrily.

“Honey, calm down,” Ralph said quietly. “I think that River and I should go out and look for a Skitty for Zoey. If it makes you feel any better, we can have one of the Poochyena go with him.”

“Why not just ask my Mightyena to keep me in line? She listens to you, mom,” River said, extracting a black and gray Pokeball from his pocket and tossing it up. His green eyes glistened with waywardness.

Susan Anders and River Anders glared at each other, showing the same stubbornness. Mr. Anders looked between the two awkwardly, unsure as to what to do. A good minute later, Susan sighed. “Alright, fine. But Mightyena will make sure you come straight here by midnight, you got that?”

River nodded. “Fine,” he said, tossing the black and gray Pokeball into the air to release the first Pokémon he ever obtained, Mightyena.

The wolf like Pokémon bowed slightly to River’s mother, as she was the one that had raised her since she was a pup.

“Make sure River is back here by midnight, okay Mightyena?” Mrs. Anders said sharply. Mightyena’s ears folded backwards, but she nodded. “Now both of you go on. It’s quarter after eleven as it is, you don’t have much time.”

River grinned. “I’ll see you later, Mom,” he laughed before sliding his tennis shoes on and racing out the door. His father sighed, picking up a belt with six red and white orbs attached. He put his own shoes one, kissed his wife and then followed his on out the door.

River already had a Raichu and his Mightyena out, ready to battle. “Why don’t you take the area right outside Rustburo? I can take the area outside the Rustburo Tunnel. We can meet in the middle.”

Ralph pondered this for a moment. “Alright, fine,” he said, releasing two of his own Pokémon. “I trust you, Mightyena, but I will definitely come find you at about midnight, okay?”

“I got it, Dad,” grumbled River. “I got it, I got it, I got it. I will be home by midnight, I swear.”

Mightyena barked, as if she was personally attesting to her Trainer’s word.

“Alright,” Mr. Anders said, nodding his head in agreement.

“Raii…” the electric mouse Pokémon grumbled angrily, poking his orange head out of a clump of extra tall grass. The Raichu yawned loudly, his thin black tail stretching as he did so.

River sighed. “Fine, you can rest,” he said, recalling Raichu to his Pokeball. His Mightyena, a majestic black and gray Pokémon who had been the fifteen-year-old’s partner since he was ten years old, yawned as well. This time, however, River shot a warning glance.

“Not until we find a Skitty,” he told his Mightyena. He peered into another batch of grass, only to find three sleeping Whismur. “Dammit! If I find one more Whismur, I am going to kill somebody!”

At the sudden yell, one of the Whismur looked up at the Trainer and, having been woken from its deep sleep, it began to cry. The Uproar scattered dozens of Taillow and Nincada from their resting places. River covered his ears in a desperate attempt to block the sound.

Mightyena barked, wagging her tail in a laughing manner. River turned his green-eyed stare to the Bite Pokémon before he grinned. “Oh shut it,” River snapped good-naturedly.

From the corner of his eye, River saw a flash of pink. “There!” he shouted over the Whismur’s Uproar, pointing at yet another patch of tall grass. “A Skitty is over there!”

Mightyena turned her head, narrowing her red eyes. She let out a viscous Howl before leaping towards the grass, where a pink, balloon-shaped object with three yellow circles was trembling. The grass rustled again and the tail sped off into the distance.

River and Mightyena raced after it. “Mightyena! Use Scary Face!” he shouted, skidding to a halt near the border of Rustburo City.

Mightyena sped up and jumped in front of the Kitten Pokémon, a feat easily accomplished by the Dark type Pokémon due to her long legs, evolved form and superior speed. The Skitty came to a screeching stop, its tiny, squinted eyes wide with fear for Mightyena had twisted its face into one of the most horrific and terrifying faces the poor pink and cream Pokémon had ever seen.

Now that the Skitty was too stunned to move its trembling body, River called out another command.

“Mightyena, use Bite!”

The black and gray Pokémon barked before she leapt onto the poor Skitty and bit into its thick tail. The Pokémon yowled with pain, but seemed to come it its senses and ripped its tail out of Mightyena’s mouth and proceeded to use it to slap the canine.

Now it was Mightyena’s turn to yowl in pain, for the Wake Up Slap was super effective against Mightyena’s Dark type. This being said, Mightyena was not too happy about the sudden change. She did not appreciate being attacked by a tiny pink Pokémon.

Mightyena was River’s favorite Pokémon to use in battle because of her stubbornness, loyalty and raw attack power. However, River has frequently faced his star Pokémon’s downside in battles like these. If angered, this particular Mightyena will not listen to River.

Mightyena crashed her head into Skitty’s tiny (and fluffy) body in a powerful Assurance attack. The Kitten Pokémon went limp; the only movement visible was the slight rise and fall of its chest.

River took this as his chance to throw a Heal Ball, a type of Pokeball that heals the captured Pokémon and restores it back to its full health. He thought it would be the best choice of Pokeball, mostly because of its pink coloration.

The Pokeball sucked Skitty up from its place besides Mightyena and with a small click, it began to shake.

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