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the majority of government supporters fail to realize that Wikileaks and similar organizations are the last

bastions of journalistic integrity against regimes that have effectively become police states
take a look at America: you only have first amendment rights if you follow what the majority dictates

look at England: you guys have a CCTV on every corner of the street and are preparing to criminalize hardcore pornography

and poor Sweden is so entrenched in political correctness that they are allowing Islam to essentially dominate their public and private spheres

wikileaks is a positive organization for the benefit of humanity because they take the level of information sharing to the next level, without any biases for country or political organization: with few small changes to protect those involved, they release their information as is

a common argument is: "But shouldn't there be some safeguards in governments? A civilian shouldn't know everything!"

i agree, but those cases are few and far between. it isn't a matter of national security to let us know that the war on terror is an incredible failure, and it isn't a matter of national security to allow conversations between diplomats be open to the public. its a matter of corporate and government sponsored interests, and the elite persuade you to join their cause because they have something to lose

wouldn't the world be much better if the politician was the one who feared his representatives, not the other way around? wouldn't things be better if governmental transactions and discussions were so open that countries couldn't war with each other, because the information would be known months beforehand? it would certainly be a safer world to live in
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