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Default Re: Lord Torterra's Returning Trade Thread

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
I'm interested in these events you have.

These are the ones I'm definitely interested in:

-10 ANIV Latios
-10 ANIV Latias
-Almia Darkrai
-Kyle Riolu
-NZ Jirachi Modest
-SPR2010 Pichu
-Movie Celebi (Japan.)
-Eulalia Phione
-Baba Flygon
-McDonalds Pikachu (Japan)
-World08 Lucario
-Shokoton Tropius (Japan)
-"Red" Metagross (Japan)

These ones I'm interested in but would like to know more about each.
Specifically just what event they are, the natures, and dates.

-2x Event Eevee? (Japan, Lvl 10, 12068 id no, LMK which event this is.)
-3x Event Slaking (All different dates, Japan, 01069 id no, lvl 50, LMK which event this is.)
-3x Event Pikachu (Different dates, Japan, lvl 50, 02079 id no, LMK which event this is.)
-Event jirachi (Lvl 5, 08188 id no, Japan, LMK what event this is.)
-6x Birthday Charmander (All different dates)
-2x Event meowth? (Different dates, Japan, lvl 21, has pink scarf. LMK which event this is.)
-Palcity Manaphy (Japan)
-Palcity Mew (Japan)
-Palcity Lucario

After I've seen the information for the second set and decided how many of yours I want then you can go ahead and pick anything from my trade thread.
I took a quick skim of your thread and didn't find anything I liked either way, sorry.

^ Props to Bobby_Digital72 from Neoseeker.