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Default Re: Love is in the air: take an umbrella!

Originally Posted by DarkGardevoir View Post
@Kire: yes, you decide what Scent Sprays you get

Also, I forgot to add MArth and Near too for the 2000$ thing >.< I'll add you guys now.

Also, here's the perfume's aromas. I won't tell you for what type they work until everybody has chosen :p

Hotwire, Sea Breeze, Strong Will, Fleeting Impulse, Flower Concerto, Darkside, Nightstalker, White Queen, Candy Spice, Ripple Effect, Geostorm, Essence of Life, Belladonna, Mighty Man-thing, Ladybird, Ancient Perfume

These can attract an additional encounter if used at the beginning of the RP. The encounter will be Common, Rare, Special OR Legendary.(I think I'm forgetting one)
Since this bewb went inactive and without even listing the types the Perfumes work at, I'm going to post all the Types/etc here. Take note if you're one of those people with the perfumes.

Hotwire - Fire
Sea Breeze - Flying
Strong Will - Fighting
Fleeting Impulse - Electric
Flower Concerto - Poison
Darkside - Psychic
Nightstalker - Dark
White Queen - Ice
Candy Spice - Normal
Ripple Effect - Water
Geostorm - Ground
Essence of Life - Ghost
Belladonna - Grass
Mighty Man-Thing - Rock
Ladybird - Bug
Ancient Perfume - Dragon

Steel isn't included.

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