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Default Re: Lord Torterra's Returning Trade Thread

Hey LordT,

I'm interested in the following. Let me know if there is anything in my shop that interests you. (link in signature). Thanks:

-Almia Darkrai (100% legit, obtained in my own game) [Date/Nature/ID no?]
-Kyle Riolu (100% legit, obtained in my own game) [Date/Nature?]
-3x Akiyama Slaking (All different dates, Japan) [Date/Natures?]
-PCNYc Crawdaunt (lvl 100) [Date/Nature/ID no?]
-PCNYc Exploud (lvl 100) [Date/Nature/ID no?]
-German SAPHIRE Berry Fix Zigzagoon (German) [Date/Nature?]
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