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Default Re: Lord Torterra's Returning Trade Thread

Originally Posted by Godot View Post
This worries me a bit considering you call yourself a veteran event trader. Unless an event was distributed as shiny, it cannot be obtained shiny. i.e. Pikachu Colored Pichu will always be a shiny event and World10 Crobat will always be a non-shiny event, if anyone offers you otherwise it's a hack.

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...Sorry for asking a question? Some events, like the VGC milotic, are distributed shiny, and I wanted to see if that one was too. I haven't been trading for quite a few months now, so I haven't seen the relatively new events. Chill out.

And I'll think on it.

P.S. I'm not a veteran event trader, lol. I'm a veteran Shiny EV'd trader. I just trade for events I like and put them up for trade.

^ Props to Bobby_Digital72 from Neoseeker.