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Umbreon swayed slighly, obviously having been confused by the previous signal beam. This could be bad, thought Alden to himself. Umbreon's eyes closed a little and the opened again, as the black pokemon stumbled and teetered, almost falling to the ground. Still... Espeons with Signal Beam are rare. If I could catch this, that would be pretty awesome.

"Alright, Umbreon return!" Shouted Alden, holding his poke ball up. A red light shot out of the little red and white sphere. Engulfing Umbreon, the light then disappeared back into the poke ball, taking the pokemon with it. Alden clipped Umbreon's ball to his belt and then pulled out another. "Come on out Flareon!" Alden pointed the poke ball at the ground and another red light appeared, with the fiery Flareon appearing within the light. Flareon eyed the Espeon, his fire flaring slightly.

"Use a Flamethrower," said the trainer, pointing at the pink cat. Flareon's fiery mane and tail flared up as the pokemon reared back. As soon as he landed on his front paws again, he opened his mouth, sending a jet of red/orange flames shooting at the Espeon.
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