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Default Re: Whats your most favourite pokémon that Satoshi has caught?

Well, Ash's Pikachu was with him from the beginning, and it's still with him now... I'm surprised how it's not anyone's favorite, yet. But then again, that Pikachu did get pretty stale, in my opinion, at least. Quite frankly, it's not my favorite either. xDDD Though, I will miss it, alot, if it ever gets replaced, something that's very unlikely. d:

Anyway, I've always liked Ash's Charizard, disregard the fact that it ignores him occasionally. xD I remember seeing it looking pretty strong in the anime, when it was battling Noland's Pokémon, Articuno, at the Hoenn region's Battle Factory. It also defeated Articuno, right? :o
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