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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough

4. Karakusa Town "Thick ivy is proof of prosperity"
4.1 Juniper's Tour
-When you arrive in Karakusa Town, you'll see Prof. Juniper outside of the Pokemon Center. Talk to her, and she'll give you a tour of the Pokemon Center/Poke Mart combination. Inside, you'll see Bianca, and she'll also come along on the very short tour.

4.2 Team Plasma
-When you exit, there will a crowd of people, only because something is happening. You'll see a bunch of people in gray hoodies, and their leader appears to be the weirdo in the robe. They are Team Plasma, the evil team in the games. Their leader is Geechisu. He'll give a speech, and then the crowd will leave. The only thing left is this guy with green hair and a black and white cap. He introduces himself as "N" and he'll battle you! (Told ya!)

4.3 N Battle
Pokemon Trainer N
Pokemon: lv7 Purrloin
Prize: 700 Poke

His Dark-type cat is Purrloin (Choroneko in Japanese). You've probably haven't seen one before, have you? It only knows Scratch, Growl, and Assist. It isn't hard to beat if you trained your Pokemon properly. After defeating him, head north onto the next route.
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