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Default Re: Heart of a Lugia [PG - PG 13 for violence]



Chapter 3: The Beasts Converse

Far away, a pool in a hidden glade reflected the sights of a Lugia’s drastic escape from a tall building on an isolated island. The great bird flew freely into the sky, with hordes of winged foes following with bloodthirsty screeches. A ball of gray fuzz was gripped in the Deep Sea Pokémon’s mighty white talons. Red eyes in a blue face peered into the water intently.

“So, that is the one Team Darkstar mistook for their legend,” whispered the creature lying beside the pool. Its four long, slim legs were tucked neatly under its white-furred chest. Its pelt was blue, interspersed with white splotches shaped rather like diamonds. A long, purple mane billowed over its lithe body. On its head rested a crest – a teal, pointy oval that had a gap in the middle. On either side, a little knob extended at the base. The Pokémon shook its white muzzle and whispered, “Fools.”

A long, silky white ribbon lifted slowly, almost lazily, out of the mass of violet and into the air, attached to the Pokémon by the water. The pointed tip of the odd appendage touched the water gently, and the Lugia’s image was gone, replaced by fast-fading ripples and the reflection of a tree in the night.

“Sooner or later, however,” murmured the Suicune – for that she was, “Team Darkstar will find the Pokémon they seek and the world will descend into darkness, thanks to the foolish Law of Intervention-Limitation.” The Suicune shook her noble head again. “I do not blame Arceus for it, but by his Name, it is infuriating!” She gazed at the pool again. It was still and clear.

She thought of a moment, and then dipped the ribbon in the water once again. “Show me,” she breathed, “the one I should guide. Show me the hero. Show me the one who must be protected, so that they can protect all. The one who will prevent what I foresee.” She knew it was an abstract command, but she needed to know what she should be doing to avert the course she predicted for the world.

There was a pause as the ripples on the pool settled, then it reflected broad daylight with a pair of adolescent humans walking along a path, one male and one female. A Ponyta walked calmly at the boy’s side. The humans were laughing, and the Ponyta had an expression of happy contentment on its long, cream-colored face.

The Suicune started, surprised that she had been given something so promptly. She looked at the trio and frowned, pondering on what she saw.

Which one could… Suddenly the Suicune jolted, red eyes growing huge and ribbons whipping. She stared and stared at the female’s face, knowing it had to be.

The girl’s honey-colored hair framed grey eyes. That, combined with the fact the human appeared in the pool, almost certainly meant…

The Suicune jumped to her feet. “Impossible!” she gasped aloud, while her mind reeled. The gift… That power has not reoccurred in over a hundred years!

Does Aevohs know about this?
The thought jolted her, and she paced restlessly around the pool, dispelling the image in the water with a flick of the long ribbon. He has to be told. Nothing like this has happened in ages… The Pokémon King must know. I must tell him. He must know that this girl has the Heart of a –


The Suicune’s head jolted up, her muzzle pointing in the direction of a space in the trees. A pair of Pokémon emerged from it, one brown-coated with metal clasps around its grey paws, the other yellow-coated with electric-looking black stripes. The Entei and the Raikou nodded to the Suicune, who managed a hasty head-dip in return.

“Brothers,” panted Shika, “there is news. A human –.”

“Shika,” the Entei growled, “it can wait. Grave matters must be discussed. Now.”
The Suicune snarled, curling her lip. “Dunev, Brother, whatever it is cannot be more important than what the pool has told me.”

“More important,” the Raikou bellowed furiously, “than the Great Bird losing his seat of power? Is it more important than a coo, than usurpation, than the unsanctioned uprising of a new King Over the Pokémon!?”

“What, Vekvay?” Shika demanded, the fur along her spine starting to lift. “What are you saying?”

Dunev sighed. “We went to the Whirl Islands yesterday,” said the Entei, “to pay a visit to the Lugia Council, and to hopefully help ease the tensions between Aevohs and Boneclaw. However, when we had gotten there… Apparently, Aevohs’ son had disappeared a week ago. Boneclaw took Aevohs’ grief as an opportunity to overthrow the Bird King. He and his followers challenged Aevohs’ loyal guard. There was a huge fight, so I heard.”

Shika swallowed nervously. “Is Aevohs – did Boneclaw kill him?”

Vekvay shook his head. “No,” he growled. “If he did, I would have fought Boneclaw and all his forces single-pawed, no matter the cost for me.”

“As it was,” added Dunev helpfully, “I had trouble getting him to leave without violence.”

“This is bad,” Shika growled. “Darkstar stirs, and the Bird King is pushed off his throne… That, combined with this human girl with the gift… This does not align well.”

“What?” asked Dunev. “What gift? What girl?”

“What Darkstar?” added Vekvay belligerently.

“I know what happened to Aevohs’ son,” explained Shika, pacing on slender paws. “Team Darkstar captured him.”

“What?” barked Vekvay, his storm cloud mane sparking with electricity.

“He escaped,” Shika explained, “but what worries me is why Team Darkstar came after him. They are hunting the Drakis, brothers. They thought that Lugia and Ho-oh were the pair originally – though who they put as the third, I don’t even know – but it will only be a matter of time before they figure out the true identities of the Drakis. After all, their home region is the correct one.”

“Are you certain of this?” Dunev’s eyes glinted with uncertainty.

Shika nodded grimly. “I have seen it in the Pool.”

“What about this girl?” asked Vekvay. “What gift has she?”

“The Heart of a Lugia,” Shika replied gravely.

Both Dunev and Vekvay were dumbstruck, gaping. The former finally stuttered, “A-are you certain?”

“I asked for the hero,” said Shika, “and the pool showed me a grey-eyed human.”

“But such a gift has not appeared in centuries!” Vekvay snarled. “It returns now? How! Is it even active?”

Shika shook her head, while Dunev said, “Doubtful. And doubtful it ever will be, now that Boneclaw has been crowned King.”

Vekvay cursed and nodded. “And that fat lout Boneclaw will not give her the true gift, as only a Bird King can – harrumph! He is barely even a Lugia!”

But Shika was shaking her head thoughtfully. “Perhaps it doesn’t matter whether Boneclaw sits on the seat of power or not – the law plainly says, ‘The power grant by the strength channeled through the righteous king.’”

“'Righteous king’,” said Dunev. “Could be, however… At any rate, if what you said about Team Darkstar is true, we have more important matters than humans.”

“If it is true,” insisted Shika, “then this human could well be our last hope. The Heart of a Lugia only surfaces in times of extreme need.”

“And besides,” muttered Vekvay, “Team Darkstar is humans.”

Dunev shot him a look, then turned to Shika. “What will you do, sister?”

She lifted her snow-white chin. “I’ll find her. I’ll protect her. I used to test human Trainers with my strength – I can do so again.”

“The Law of Intervention-Limitation, the Third Law, will… well, limit you,” Dunev warned. “You will only be able to assist her once, and the power of Arceus will prevent you from interacting with her very much at all.”

“I know this, my brother,” Shika assured. “But I will be careful. I will only come to her when she is really in need.” She looked up at the stars, thoughtful. “Perhaps, if Aevohs still has the authority to wake the power, he will work through me…” then she gave herself a brisk shake, making her purple mane ripple like waves in the starlight.

“Perhaps, sister,” Dunev admitted. “Will you go now?”

Shika nodded, stretching her long, slim legs. “Nothing can delay me.” She then turned to the pool. “Show me the destination of the girl!” she barked. As soon as she touched the pool, a quaint, old-looking little town appeared. One of the signs read, ‘Dusgray, the tiny town with a big heart!’

“Dusgray?” Vekvay spat. “That's in Eos! How the Giratina will you get there?”

“I will travel across the ocean,” said Shika, “and travel with the winds. Both these things lie within my sphere.” Then she looked at the both of them. “Be careful, please. Now that the Great Bird is no longer King, I fear for the unity of the Pokémon Kingdom.” Without another word, Shika turned and disappeared into the night, her paws barely skimming the earth.

Vekvay shook his head. “Do you think she will be all right?”

“Only time will tell,” growled Dunev. “However, I believe she will survive.

“She must show this human her path."


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