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Default Re: Gold/Silver/Crystal Game Discussion

Originally Posted by Kiri View Post
I FINALLY got my dex to 250 in Silver (gee, only eight years after I started the game) and just about cried when I found out there was no gameshark-less way to get celebi. ;_;
so cruel...
I still have ONE of the Celebi I got from the 7 flags event in St. Louis close to 10 years ago.

I had 11 of them. The event was not too busy by evening, so they let people who'd been there all day put their games in the kiosk and transfer multiple times.

That was the best event I ever went to, including some of the later ones in New York, Milwaukee and Florida. Pikachu was there, and I got some pictures, and the pikachu volkswagen and the Lugia car were there -- they were brand new (at a later event in Des Moines IA, I got to sit in the Pikachu car and trade pokes with one of the event managers).

The St. Louis event included a lot of games and quizzes, prizes and there were a couple other adults there who were into pokemon. Did a lot of battling.

The reason I only have one Celebi left is starting last night NONE of my Gold or Silver games had the original save files on them -- they reset. They had been there the day before.

Silly, I know, but on midnight every year I've always broken out stadium II and my G/S/C games and several of us play and beam mystery gifts.

Nobody's Gold or Silver save files were there -- crystal seems OK.

Gonna post about this in it's own thread, but we are all seriously bothered.
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