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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough

6. Striaton City "Sanyou means 3 aligned stars"

6.1 Rival Battle (Cheren)
-There is a colorful building to the right of the Pokemon Center. That building is the first Gym that you will face. However, the gym guy (HEYA FUTURE CHAMP! xD) is blocking the entrance! Meanie. Head to the building on the left of the Pokemon Center. That building is the Pokemon School. Go to the back of the Pokemon School and talk to Cheren. Answer yes to his question, and he'll battle you.
-Cheren has a lv8 Purrloin, and a lv8 Snivy (if you chose Oshawott), lv8 Oshawott (if you chose Tepig), lv8 Tepig (if you chose Snivy)
-There is nothing to really say about this battle, except that his starter has an Oran Berry attached to it. Beat him, exit the Pokemon School, and head east into the Abandoned Lot of Dreams.

6.2 Abandoned Lot of Dreams
6.2.1 Trainers
Lass Eri - lv8 Purrloin and lv8 Purrloin - Dark and Dark
Youngster Gori - lv7 Patrat, lv7 Patrat, lv7 Lillipup - Normal, Normal, and Normal
Plasma Grunt M - lv10 Patrat - Normal (battled later)
Plasma Grunt F - lv10 Purrloin - Dark (battled later)
6.2.2 Elemental Monkeys
-Talk to the person near the eastern part of this area and you'll get a new Pokemon based on the starter you choose:
--Panpour (Hiyappu in Japanese) if you started with Snivy
--Pansage (Yanappu in Japanese) if you started with Tepig
--Pansear (Baoppu in Japanese) if you started with Oshawott
-The Elemental Monkeys are going to be useful against the first gym, no matter what Pokemon you started with.

6.3 Sanyou City Gym
-This is your first Pokemon gym battle of the game.
6.3.1 Trainers
--Waiter Mikiya - lv11 Lillipup - Normal
--Waitress Chiharu - lv10 Patrat and lv10 Purrloin - Normal and Dark
6.3.2 Gym Leaders Kon, Pod, and Cilan
-You will face Gym Leader Cress (Kon in Japanese) if you started with Tepig. He will have a lv12 Yooterii and a lv14 Panpour.
-You will face Gym Leader Chili (Pod in Japanese) if you started with Snivy. He will have a lv12 Yooterii and a lv14 Pansear.
-You will face Gym Leader Cilan (Dent in Japanese) if you started with Oshawott. He will have a lv12 Yooterii and a lv14 Pansage.
-This is where your Elemental Monkey comes in handy. My strategy is to use your starter on their Lillipup and use your Elemental Monkey on their Elemental Monkey. Pansage knows Vine Whip, Panpour knows Water Gun, and Pansear knows a new move named Incinerate. When you win, you'll receive 1680 Poke, the Trio (Tri) Badge, and TM83 which is Work (Cheer) Up. And since you have your first gym badge, you'll be able to use HM01 Cut outside of battle! Yippee!

When you exit the gym, a girl will come up and talk to you. She introduces herself as Fennel, a good friend of Professor Juniper. She takes you to her lab, where she will give you HM01 Cut. And she will show you this machine that allows access to the Dream World. But first you need the Dream Smoke. Where do you find the Dream Smoke? You need a Munna to get it. Exit Fennel's lab, then head east again to the Abandoned Lot of Dreams.
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