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Default Re: Winter Writing Competition '10

Though I didn't really feel like coming back home, I'm glad I have a stable internet connection again. :)

Originally Posted by TsukiKaiki64 View Post
Oh yes I did, and I won too <3
But my writing is completely burned out now, so I'm lucky if I write 1k a day...

EDIT;; Got mine done. Here it is. Christmas Time is Near.
Hehe, as I was writing your username, I wanted to change "kaiki" to "kaikki" since I'm studying Finnish and "kaikki" means "all." xD

Anyway, your story is added.

Originally Posted by Traxx View Post
I've finished my WWC story, and here is the link to it.

I hope you guys enjoy it!
And yours is added, too. :)

Hopefully we get more entrants here. Tomorrow/later today, I'll also add BMG's entries onto the list.

- Kat

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