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Default Re: Pokémon Elite 2ooo Uber Tournament ... Hosted By: Pokérus Empire

Originally Posted by BulletPuncher View Post
I'll join the wifi roster.

IGN: Bullet
FC: 2665 5113 9761
Time: whenever im on...

Also, quick question: can we use arceus?
niner, niner all systems go, weapons hot!
Adding you now.

Originally Posted by Gofre View Post
Pokemon Online: Gofre, on all servers
Timezone: GMT. I work mornings on the weekends until about midday but I can be free to battle at pretty much any other time with enough prior warning.

I'm gonna try and get a wifi team assembled too before it fills up.
@ Gofre You may Only participate in WiFi or the Battle simulator and thats just to be fair so the same person doesnt win both WiFi & PO prizes.Ill add you right now to PO but when you're ready to switch over let me know. and thanx you two for shower interest.

Pokérus Empire

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