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Default Re: Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
Does this method guarantee success?
No. Consider this: Out of the 1 billion Chinese people in the world, are we all essentially elite super-brain-humans with the ability to dominate academics? Not really. There's always a spectrum involved, and we as humans tend to compare our worst (if we perceive it to be bad) to their best. I don't even think there's that much of a statistical difference between strict kids and more liberal kids in terms of academia.

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
What sort of people grow from such an environment?
Being one from the same environment, I can say that we generally produce people who are perhaps known more to be book smart (and therefore smart), but not known for street smarts. To be honest, I never really learned how to be street smart because I've been spending so little time in the outside world in the past. Socially that is a crippling blow, and that shouldn't be that way.

What this tends to manifest as is the generation of shut-ins. They are more frequent in Asian households, and are an actual legitimate societal problem in countries like Japan and China.

The second problem with the methods is that it teaches us the negativity of failure. That in itself is devastating to the child: the harsh words, even when one doesn't mean it, can lead children to depression. It certainly makes ME feel incredibly negative at basically any speed bump on my road, even though I never got anywhere near a depression. I would imagine that it's a lot harder for one to claw back from a speed bump under the strict regime method than other methods (yes, it is an argument in direct opposition to the article itself through the exact same experiences, with different results). Still, is this the sort of values that we should be instilling our children? In addition, I'm pretty sure our rates of "run-away" children are higher as well.

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
Should we emulate her methods?
Yes and no. What should be emulated depends on the temperament of the child itself. To a friend of mine, this method just doesn't work, despite her being Chinese. Perhaps then the answer lies in which elements of the Chinese method that works and emulate that. Blindly following those methods without understanding about its implications is just stupid.

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
It this right?
There are stuff that Chinese parents should never get away with. Stuff like calling their kids trash in front of the public is one of those things. So no, it isn't entirely right.
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