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Default Re: Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

I'd like to follow up on Kenny's point that this kind of raising of children leads to people being shut-ins. I highly doubt a person is considered productive to anyone besides his company when he works for 12 hours a day then goes home with no family or friends and prepares for the next day. Having the shut in attitude will make the parent shine only while the child is in school and no where else.

Do Chinese mothers have their children become great scholars most of the time? Very much so but it takes both street smarts and book smarts to make a "productive" human being. In my honest opinion it takes a balance of discipline and freedom to raise a child into a "productive" human. If a child seeks not to follow the road to academia then the parent should help his/her child get the best out of whatever talent they wish to pursue.

And if these mothers think that an A+, even though the child is slitting his wrist at night, shows the results of good parenting then they are very mistaken.

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