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Default Re: Brink of Insanity - Not recruiting! (FULL)

Originally Posted by The Amazing Ninja Kirby View Post
Ok guys, I'm transferring everything that has any use (battling teams mainly) into my Heart Gold now that I beat it, so I'll get my new friend code in my sig when I finish. As of now, this could take a while...

EDIT: Seeing the Battling Board here, it looks like only 4 clans survived the inactivity, and we're one of them. Just 50 days left before B/W is released and the chaos of the HUGE metagame change ensues.

EDIT 2: Also, just a random question, (don't take this seriously, I would never do this) if I were to start a clan and leave this one, would you guys stay here or join mine? xD
Don't answer if it it makes you feel uncomfortable, I'd understand why.
That's what I love about our clan; we have survived all periods of inactivity. It's like we're so inactive, we don't even care to disband. Huzzah!
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