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Default Re: Brink of Insanity - Not recruiting! (FULL)

Originally Posted by Yamirami View Post
So when Cutter Kirby gets back, do you guys think we should go to war with a clan? I check the board but all of them seem a little too tough for us. Either way, there'll probably a large increase when Black and White comes out. I guess that's what everyone's waiting for.
Sorry for my own inactivity, reading back made me feel a little bit guilty! And yeah, I'm all in it for having a war, even though it might mean I won't be able to battle (time zone issues). Has anyone started with the B/W metagame yet? It's not as much as a drastic change as the previous gens, but still new enough to be fun.

Response to Ninja: I value stability a lot, so I probably will be one of the guys that stay with the clan until the end. So the answer would be no.

Here's the set I was talking about.


Item: Shell Bell
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Adamant
EV: 252 Attack

Moves: Ice Shard

First of all, this illegal. So only use it on PO.
It's kind of cheap really. Sacrifice a guy, then use Endeavor on the following turn. Sturdy is like an insta-Focus Sash in a way this gen, but permanent. So switch in, use Endeavor, and watch Donphan recover by using Shell Bell. The opponent's remaining HP(either 24 or 1) can be chipped off by either Sandstorm or Ice Shard.
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