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Arrow Pokemon Devastation Mewtwo Return sign up still open


Well there was once a place called the pokemon paradise. A peaceful fun place. With pokemon and human. Nothing like a pokemon league or a battle frontier it was a place where you can just have fun. Trainers having fun with there pokemon. A very fun place it was actually a planet deep into the future we were the year 2550. So they had little teleportation machines which got us safely to this planet and the planet was called planet Koenin. So trainers lived there with there pokemon until Mewtwo very pissed at battle when his clones had lost and he had retreated so now that more pokemon have gotten discovered he had made tons of clones of pokemon discovered in the new regions and more of the old ones as him and his perfect clones look to take over the world again. Mewtwo was hiding out in a little space rift he thought it would be safe to hide there and from Palkia too. So this Planet he wants to take over this planets because a lot of pokemon and trainers resign here and not on Earth. So he had went to Planet Koenin to launch a attack which he went and did. His first mission was to eliminate all human on this planet thinking pokemon are dumb without there humans. So he had destroyed all the humans first next he had destroyed the teleportation devices so that they couldn't go back to earth and others couldn't come here. So he figured that the people on earth would be suspicious of the devices not working so he put a barrier over the planet just incase humans come on space ship. So the pokemon paradise destroyed nearly deserts right now. Some guys were captured on are side but there are some pokemon survivors. He has a big factory which he uses to clone more and more clone pokemon to conquer this planet and the next with a iron fist.
Goal or Mission

Your goal or mission as a pokemon you work with a underground alliance secretly to little by little uncover Mewtwo's plan and save the pokemon race and stop Mewtwo's evil plan. So we are working as a team sneaking around his base to foil his plan we must be very sneaky if one of us gets caught one person can give all of are secrets up to the alliance which would be bad.

The Alliance

The Alliance was created by a couple of pokemon there is Rhyperior who is a tech for the team is really good with technology and really smart. There's Camerupt the supplier he could carry tons of stuff on his back. Yanmega speed his thing very fast and smart too.

The clones are not really that strong as when Mewtwo made them the first time. Thats why he is making tons clones to rule the world he thinks he really unstoppable he has gone power crazy he ready and primed to kill all everyone thats not a clone. So these clone will be easy to beat just tons of them they all are made to listen to Mewtwo no matter what happens.


1. No god modding
2. No guns or weapons
3. No cussing
4. No swearing
5. No mysterious powers or anything
6. Follow regular roleplaying rules

Sign up sheet

Name: Just incase you had a nickname that your old trainer called you
Species: All pokemon except fifth generation ones
Moves: 4 moves you already know
Personality: 3 lines or more
Description: this can be short like if your pokemon had addition clothing added to them

My sign up
Name: Blaze
Species: Blaziken
Moves: Sky uppercut, Bravebird, Thunderpunch, and Blaze kick
Personality: He was a vert cocky pokemon when he with his trainer. Always winning battles. I was very confident about my strenght always giving my best in winning and losing battles fighting hard for my trainer making him proud of each and every time I fought in battle when the pokemon paradise was being destroyed I was scared. Seeing my trainer die before my eye was sad and getting knocked and partly forgetting what happened pretty much. So I try to keep everything calm too.
Description: I have a rag wrapped around my head and a dirty wrist band which said my name and my trainers name but, now only says mine.
Other: Nothing


Poke Power
Last Gunslinger
Gotta Ketchum All
Nova Eevee
Honed Hand
Burn Down



Well its finished this fun roleplay I hope people join.

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