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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

In my opinion, I really think it's both.
Some fans from 1995/1998 who have been here since Red/Blue released are about 20-24 years old by now, and maybe feel they've outgrown Pokemon. Adding to the fact that B&W Pokemon are weird and, as it was said before, not living up to our needy expectations.

Of course, if you see the similar connection, Gen I and Gen V have their own set of 150/156 Pokemon that are exclusive to their own region and not connected, or related, to any other region or the other region's Pokemon.

Johto basically continues Kanto, having pre-evolutions to older Pokemon and new evolutions. Hoenn, has its own set, but Wynaut and Azurill connect to Johto evolutions. Sinnoh had its own set, however they had newer evolutions to previous other Pokemon as well.

So really, Isshu/Unova deserves a chance. The other regions got a chance, and they were well received after gameplay so why not this one? You know, it's wrong to judge a book by its cover, especially without reading into the entire book and looking at its contents~!

I believe we older fans should give B&W a try first. n_n That's my opinion to this~

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