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Default Re: LMSSI Clan Shop: Its back!

Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Mega i would like to buy some Pokemons.

Here are the lucky ones that are going to my boxes :P

*Shiny Adamant Larvitar with DragonDance (Doesnt have price)
*Bold Tentacool with HP Electric, RapidSpin and ConfuseRay(65Sp)
*Adamant Tyrogue with Guts (doesnt have price)
*Shiny Adamant Beldum (60Sp)
*Shiny Timid Zubat with NastyPlot (70Sp)

If i dont have enough SP tell me so i can cut some Pokemon out.
Larvitar is 65 SP and Tyrogue is 70 SP. Your total is 330 SP.
LMSSI Clan Shop
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