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Default Re: KOed a shiny :(

The first time I encountered a shiny Sentret Pokemon in Crystal version, I ran away from it, thinking it was a glitch. XD

As I got older from 2001 of Crystal Version, I got into the next generation: Sapphire. I was up-to-date about shiny Pokemon from the interwebs thanks to high school. Soooo, I went to save Birch from that Poochyena. It was a shiny one... I'm like "Ffffffffff" XD I had to kill it to progress the game. D: I was very sad. Thankfully I encountered another shiny Poochyena in Petalburg Woods, so I was happy to have caught it. :3

Later on in Crystal Version, (me being older), I ran into a shiny Pikachu on Route 2. I had 2 Great Balls, 1 Ultra, 1 Pokeball, and I believe 4 Moon Balls. First Ultra didn't work, and I'm "crap". I think I threw every ball, and the second Great caught it at full health. XD I couldn't hurt it because it was level 7 and my Pokemon were level 68+ at the time.

Yeah... those days were adventurous.

I have this curse to find a shiny every now and then. >.> Especially at the beginning of the games where you don't have Pokeballs yet.

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