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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP} (Sign ups are open)

Nyx Itzel

This is really starting to get boring... Shortly after he had this thought, Nyx's eyes widened in sheer astonishment as a huge, ice dragon rose from the ground. He watched in amazement as it starting fighting the dark fire.

Nyx was so transfixed on the dragon's actions that he barely heard the loud, casual voice that suddenly echoed through the village.

"You see, here's the thing, Smothering, water... yeah, works. On normal fire. What you see here? Not normal fire, nowhere near. Why start a fire that can hurt yourself? Anyways, trying to protect that little town talking to you, old fart and the rest, real cute, ya got spirit. In fact, it's so cute, that I'm gonna make a deal I usually don't. You stop fighting it, and I'll just drop a big blast, boom, you're done. And did I mention this is a limited time offer? As in, it ends in the next ten seconds?"

Nyx snorted. Who's the wise guy spouting this stuff? It's obviously the creator of these powerful fla- His thoughts were cut off as the voice rang out again.

"And that you don't really have a choice but to die? Really, run all you want, as soon as a cloud's over wherever you're at, boom, Morgoth. That's me, I'm a villain, hey how ya doin', and would you look at that, you're out of time already? You know, I was just going to drop a giant explosion on this little hole in the ground, but I think I'll just fill it up with some minions for you instead. As fir saving your village and killing them off, eh, win some lose some. Have fun."

Nyx growled and cursed quietly as large, shadowy monsters started appearing around the village. Morgoth...What a weird name. Why's he trying to destroy this village? Doesn't really seem like he has a grudge against it or anything...You never know, though. Nyx almost immediately sensed a presence behind him and spun around, quickly unsheathing one of his dual blades, Kai, to be exact, as one of Morgoth's monsters slammed a fist that positively oozed with dark magic on it. Surprise attack, eh? Not the best approach. Nyx lunged forward, pushing back the creature and started battling with it, slashing at every opening he could find, although he was still careful to stay back and dodge whenever the opponent tried to hit him. Who knew what that stuff was made out of?
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