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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP} (Sign ups are open)

(FYI, that dragon spell was made of WATER, not ice >.> Doesn't matter now because the dark fire strangled the poor thing to death.)

Skye Silvart

Skye glanced as Luna approached. "I know this is probably not the right time, but the feeling will bother me until I figure it out, do you recognize me? Because I could swear I know you from somewhere...did you ever venture to a small town near a forest called Rhea when you were younger?" He thought for a moment, even as Re mused that it wasn't the proper time for this. He kept thinking, barely hearing Nadia speaking about her spells. It wasn't his place to give orders to her - she knew her magic best, so she would know where it would be most effective.

But, in response to Luna's question..."Yes. I think I did...With Master Shinto. Many things are a blur because of my past. You seem familiar as well, but I am beginning to think all my exposure to dark matter has clouded my memories..." As they burst into the clearing, they passed through the perimeter barrier of light and into the village. Skye immediately launched himself onto a nearby beast, spear cutting through bone as if it was butter and killing it instantly.

Cryo Silvart

Cryo drew on her magic reserves again, spitting out a spout of water onto the fire covering the thatched roof. It went out easily, sputtering before drowning in the torrent, while Shinto gazed calmly at Morgoth in response to the taunting, his amber eyes betraying nothing. "You think you are so smart...But power means little without strategy. Are you doing a good job? It depends on who you are asking." He seemed unimpressed even further on the whole mocking of the code.

"You reduce yourself to mockery, now. Heroes are not black-and-white, and conversely, neither are villains. I have a code of honor, but I do not allow it to cloud my judgment of the situation." He glanced at the staff. "I see you wield Kakon's staff, further cementing my thoughts that you are the one behind the disaster. Power comes at a price..." He glanced over as some new arrivals (and led by his student, not surprisingly) burst onto the scene, and was pleased with how quickly Skye took care of one monster.

"Ah, I see you finally returned. Good to see you in good health, Skye."

The hedgehog glanced over, cutting down another monster, although he had already spotted Morgoth - he made no attempt to attack him, however. "I see, Master Shinto, you are torturing yet another soul - innocent or not - with your lectures?" He glanced at Morgoth. "Sorry, but I am afraid no one is getting corrupted today...As that is what you most likely meant by 'dark possession'. Seeing as destruction is what both states want, I feel it is unnecessary to call the same phenomenon by different names."

Skye shook his head. "Why is it that overlords must have their lackeys fight, and not their selves? Especially when their minions prove to be incompetent and ultimately fail, even if they succeed in one or two missions."

(I made Skye a little too sassy...He's not cocky though. Just pointing out what he thinks XD From now on, I'll have a single post...As in, not split up for the two characters)
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