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Default Re: Brink of Insanity - Not recruiting! (FULL)

Originally Posted by cub0nes_sp0tlessmind View Post
Man....I don't know how you people do it. I like to think of myself as a patient guy but I could never ever sit there and grind away at my pokemans. I'd lose my mind. Hell, I get impatient when I'm leveling up for a gym battle. So I commend you on your EV training. That's why I love shoddy and whatever else there is online where I can just make up my team.
It's not that bad if you have music or you can talk to someone else, but also still focusing on EV training. Plus, after you get over the hardest part, starting it, it's not so bad.

EDIT: Not to mention, breeding is probably worse than EV training. Yesterday I took my male Slaking that knew Body Slam and breeded it with a female Seviper. Hatched a male Seviper egg with Body Slam, then leveled it from level 1 to level 46 where it learns Night Slash. Then I took a female Slakoth and male Seviper and breeded until I got a Jolly natured Slakoth with both Body Slam and Night Slash. The whole process probably took around 5 hours possibly (lost track of time in between).

EDIT 2: This clan needs a theme song...

<---credit to sealboyno1 for the awesome banner!

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