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Default Re: Brink of Insanity - Not recruiting! (FULL)

Originally Posted by cub0nes_sp0tlessmind View Post
Man....I don't know how you people do it. I like to think of myself as a patient guy but I could never ever sit there and grind away at my pokemans. I'd lose my mind. Hell, I get impatient when I'm leveling up for a gym battle. So I commend you on your EV training. That's why I love shoddy and whatever else there is online where I can just make up my team.
Isn't there Pokemon online now or something? Anyways, I always had good patience. Especially yesterday when I spent literally 2 hours breeding Snorunts until I finally got a Timid Female. I was so happy, now all I need to do is EV train it and what not. Thank god for the Emerald cloning glitch though, makes EV Training a little faster with the Carbos and what not.

EDIT: I've been looking around, the Battling Center still seems quiet. Also I might make a new thread soon with a new layout for the front page of the clan. A more original one. I'll be working on it this weekend, if you got suggestions just tell me.

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