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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

To be honest. I embrace change when it is introduced in the right quantities and is presented in the right ways. However, recent additions to what I like to call, the PokeArsenal, have been the Pokemon equivalent to a LAW. Look powerful, decent in certain situations, but break after the first use.

What do I mean to say? None of the new Pokemon really look stable. They just do not look like... Pokemon anymore. Believe me when I say, Sinnoh Pokemon were quite awesome, and those were introduced quite recently (3-4 years ago). These new ones, they are new, yes but I think it is unfair to say I dislike them just because they are. Face it, these new ones do look strange, but that is not the major reason I dislike them. It is just the fact that most of them seem like I have seen them before. They took old ones and, as I said before, "improved" upon them.
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