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Default Re: Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Honestly? Forcing a child to continue to play an instrument will not make him enjoy it, neither will it make him do it his entire life. It simply shows that if the child does not like it, he will grow up spending all his life on the one subject, that he will have to do it for the rest of his life, for it would be too late for him to change his career.

Now, on a more official view. Yes and no.
Would a child that you push really be smart? Yes. Yes he/she would. However, they would not be able to relate the knowledge the gain at their school to the real world. If you are unable to communicate with other human beings that are less "bright" or more ignorant, they will not know how to react. The knowledge they learn would be useless.

Say a dictator of China spent his entire life in the top schools with the top teachers, and had very impressive knowledge, but had no contact with the average person. He would not be able to strike a deal with a foreign land, negotiate a treaty, or make any decision based on what the people think is morally right.

As Kenny_C.002 pointed out, book-smart, but not "street smart." In other words, or to put it plainly. Wisdom is different from knowledge. It sounds funny to say that American children have more wisdom than a Chinese child, but wisdom is not based on age, but on experience.

America is often referred to as the dumbest country in the world, when that is quite frankly, untrue. What statistics do they look at? Not official, most likely. But second-hand sites and the UN (not reliable either.) Are we looking at a small minority they took, or are we looking at the IQ level of every single American citizen on in the Solar System (cool I can say that now, huh)?

I do admire China. They have made great strides, and may very well be the thing we need to get the world united. However, as all things, I must be skeptical still, and wait until they prove that they will make a change with all that "knowledge" they may have.

Kenny_C.002, you are absolutely right, and I doubt any person here could disagree.

Yes this right, my mom didnt give a damn, and grades suffer because of it. So College suffers, hence, University, suffers.
Do not try to pass it off on your mother. It was your decision on whether or not you wanted to do well in school.
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