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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Blood Red Edition : 8/15 /Recruiting

Originally Posted by ScubatheDiverman View Post
Well I've tried to take classes, but I still suck. I'm just not very good. But I'm actually pretty good with graphics, for instance I made my banner :x But I did it in like 10 mins. so it also sucks. :x

I hate presenting too. ._. I really dislike being the center of attention.

Awesome! I love Dead Space, so when you get there, come up with something better that it. As cliche as it sounds, I really want to work for Gamefreak or PUSA. :x Or Eat Sleep Play just because of Twisted Metal [/COLOR]

Double major all the way across the sky.... sorry I couldn't resist. xD But that's sweet! It's really good that it didn't take you too long to get into it. How hard is japanese to learn? I've picked up somethings from watching anime, but yeah that's it. :(

No it doesn't. D: It's one of the funniest banners I've ever seen. XD But I suck at graphics. :x Although I'd love to color my drawings in that way on day. X/

Same. :X I have passed out in presentations actually... X_x;

I love it too. <3 Working on a Fanfic for it and trying to make cute versions of all the Necromorphs. x_x And, I wanted to a few years back, but I don't think I could be as creative.

Gahh! D: I didn't know it was your birthday! ;~; Happy belated Birthday! :3

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