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Default Re: Whats your most favourite pokémon that Satoshi has caught?

Obviously Lapras. Pfft. A baby Lapras, not to mention an amateur at battling and not with Ash a long time, was able to take on an adult Gengar, whose owner probably had it for at least a couple of years and was not new to battling, and tied. Talk about TOTAL epicness. Oh, and of course when Ash saw it again in Johto, it was ALPHA Lapras.

But other than that (since my answer to everything Pokémon will always be Lapras, if possible), I would have to say Bayleef. Beautiful personality. Obviously cared for Ash a lot more than any of his other Pokémon, save for Pikachu. Plus, when it was a Chikorita, it was totally awesome as well. >:D

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