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Default Re: Pe2k In Game Team Tournament!

:o Easily answered questions! You see, they still own a game in which they went through by normal means! Meaning they were given a starter Pokemon from the given Professor and then went to obtain more Pokemon to complete their journey.

While it is possible to stop mid way through a game and obtain Pokemon from trades to start IV Breeding and EV Training. It's not very likely. So we'd rather people use the original game card they started their journey on before they went into the game mechanics.

If those were to you in specific. It's possible to SR to get a beneficial Nature, but still rather difficult to EV Train in the given situation at the start of the game. Considering you'd have to battle your Rival various times. Not to mention random Trainers. So you'd really HAVE to obtain other Pokemon as to not taint the Pokemon you're trying to Train. So in other words. You'd still be eligible, due to the fact you still have other Pokemon you can rely on!

Besides, you're missing the whole aspect that it's for fun! xD So if by chance you seem to have one really good Pokemon! You still have regular run of the mill Pokemon. =9 So it seems to even out either way.