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Default Re: Pe2k In Game Team Tournament!

Cool! I always lose due to none of my pokemon or EV or IV. Here is the sign-up form:

Name: Corey
FC: 4813 4002 2538
Time Zone: Eastern
Online: Usually weekdays at 9:00PM Est Weekends 5:00PM to 7:00PM Est

Can you use legendaries?
I have a full HG team that I went through the whole game with.
I have beat Red.
My pokemon team is lvl 51 to 56 (Yes I beat red with level 50's)
Do you want to know the pokemon I'm going to use?

Thank you for this AWESOME chance to show off my NON-EV IV pokemon!!!!!

Do carbos and proteints ETC count ad EV or IV? I have new pokemon Imma use now ok???
Name: Corey
Heart Gold Friend Code: 4813 4002 2538

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