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Default Re: Black & White food to go

Stores used to sell all types of Pokemon food products years ago, but discontinued as a most likely result when the hype of the franchise decreased.

I have a few things to share, stuff that I bought back in the day (however, images are courteous to Bulbapedia):

I remember eating this stuff. It's like Lucky Charms, but with Pokemon characters shaped on the marshmallows pieces.

I couldn't find any clearer images, but these are Pokemon waffles. In the middle circle, there's a Pokemon head.

Basically, a Fruit by the Foot knockoff.

Welch's jelly jars. After you use up all the jelly, they make perfect drinking cups. Unfortunately, my mum dropped the Poliwhirl jar one day, so I took the Psyduck jar and kept it in my room to prevent something like that from happening again.

But yeah, I wish they still manufactured this stuff outside of Japan. I'd buy it all the time.