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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP} (Sign ups are open)

Luna and Nadia

Luna and Nadia cringed both cringed at the sound of Nova's scream, and Luna understood why as she looked up--the roofs of the huts were on fire now, and part of Luna started to panic, but she shoved the distress down, as she was needed to at least try to kill the monsters. "Dangit!" She yelled as she turned her head to find the nearest monster when Nadia felt the magic welling up from Re.

"Luna, close your eyes!" The panther shouted in warning about a second before Re released a bright flash of light that Luna could tell had been released even with her eyes closed, as it bleached the colors inside her eyelids white. She opened her eyes shortly after and began looking for something to kill and to make sure the others were okay. "I'm going after Re--he didn't look very good." Nadia called, Luna nodded and took off to find others.

She found a monster banging away a a pink shield the protected Skye and another fox, it seemed neither was looking at taking the thing out at the moment, so why not? She kept quiet as she moved all the way around to get a full shot at the creature's back, it's attention was more focused on those inside the pink shield then those outside of it, she smiled grimly as she ran up behind it, and slashed. "Hey, your attention should be on the ones not protected by barriers." She taunted, though it was more to herself than the monster, she'd used enough force to behead the thing in anger and frustration formed from her panic over the fire. Seeing as the monster was finished, and tilted her head, looking at the bubble. "You two alright in there?" She asked.

Meanwhile Nadia had managed to duck and stab her way to Re. Unfortunately there were plenty of monsters after her when she reached the leopard. The panther sighed and banged the foot of her staff on the ground before tilting it forward and making a sweeping motion with the thing, looking almost delighted as the monsters after her all were suddenly knocked off their feet and into each other. "Re? Re, are you okay? I mean, you look bad, but things aren't always as bad as they seem..." Nadia spoke nervously, worried at this point something bad was going to happen, well, something worse than everything else that had gone on so far.

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