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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

Frankly, there's no point getting depressed about our ages, obviously the games aren't JUST aimed at 10 year olds. SHow me a 10 year old who understands EV training, IV's, the complexities of breeding... etc... When I started out I just caught stuff and leveled it up. No way I could beat other people, just pass the E4. I think there is definatley a primary audience, but the designers are adults too, and they know that a lot of older people appreciate it, thats why they've built so many little details into it.

Gen V looks pretty sweet, and like all generations, I think that there are definately some weak-looking weird pokemon, even some of the legendaries... but there's tonnes of cool-looking ones too. We can't overlook all the awesome ones for the sake of a few crappy ones.
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