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Default HUGE sale!

Hello everyone. I am going to trade a ton of pokemon right here. What I am wiling to trade:

pokemon from pokemon Firered or Emerald level 100 and legit other than Latios and
Latias, Mew, Jirachi and Celebi. I can add ev's if you want.

The only shiny I have to trade in that list so far is a level 100 shiny Nidoking.

What I want:

I am willing to trade 5 of my level 100 pokemon for just one shiny pokemon of yours or any
event pokemon or we can make a deal.

If you want me to ev the pokemon then leave a spread list of what you want the ev's to be
and if you have all 5 pokemon ev'd max then it will cost one more shiny or we can work it out

I need Shiny Pokemon and all event pokemon! Pm Me to trade
FC 3997 3492 5293

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