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You can have both. I trust Science to the fullest, however I also believe my religion. If you notice, I am not living in a hut, I am not preaching the Lord, and I do not respect religious officials. You can have both, there are religious scientists. Stop making such generalizations, when you have no proof to back up your answer.

As for proof of Science. There is no such thing as proof. A fact is even only considered true because so far, nothing has proven it wrong. The only things that can be taken as solid evidence are the Scientific Laws. That is why Steven Hawking, the brilliant mind that he is, can explain the creation of the Universe, or at least theorize, via physics.

I do realize that there are people who cannot keep their overly offensive mouths shut, that is why their anger-sparking comments should be kept to themselves.

And I do respect the writers of the Bible. Even if the Bible cannot be taken at face value and many Christians come up with some pretty ludicrous ideas on how each thing written in the Bible is true, I do think it takes some guts to write such a long and powerful book. It can be considered an Epic, the same with the Ramayana, or the Odyssey. In that respect, all those writers can deserve respect no matter how clouded their vision may or may not have been.

Do not let hatred or your biased opinion get in the way of an argument. Look at both sides before you make a valid statement.
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