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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

Originally Posted by killanotha1 View Post
I kind of hate whenever this question is brought up, not because it causes you to think about why you dislike the new games, but because few people actually think about why they dislike the new games.

"The new pokemon don't look like animals/ all suck / are so unoriginal!1!"

They don't look like animals? What animal do you think of when you see voltorb? Jynx? Onix? Geodude? Porygon? The list continues.

They all suck? I hate pikachu. I hate pikachu with a fiery passion that rivals the heat of the suns core. But I understand that this is my opinion, and it isn't a valid reason for disliking a whole new slew of pokemon. Heck, I played that monster racing game (the one for the DS?) and I enjoyed it! I didn't particularly like any of the monsters involved.

And the originality thing is just dumb. "Too many dogs/ cats / frogs" Wow, so in your world you have one dog called "dog"? Pretty sweet.

But enough about that, I'll answer the actual question.

We are just getting older. And franchises change, because franchises are business geared and who wants to keep the same target audience for 10 years with the obvious threat of them leaving? Sure we are still here, but if I play pokemon around any of my friends who don't also play it the first thing I hear is "Uh . . . Aren't you a bit too old for pokemon?" Which is why Nintendo isn't going to make a "Create a pokemon contest" for people who have been with it for years. They're not going to ask players of r/b/y to send in their opinions on what direction pokemon should be going in. You're going to get a bunch of adults trying to find things that might look cool / cute /awesome to a 9 / 10 / 11 year old.

The new Pokemon game is geared for an older audience you know. And, as justinarose put it quite nicely, Pokemon is created by adults. Honestly, Pokemon isn't as big with the young kids now days as it was when we were young kids, so I think they are starting to realize that they should cater to slightly older audiences. If you notice, they are making everything seem to be older. The characters in all previous Pokemon games started out at the age of ten, but the new ones are fourteen.
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