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Default Re: Pe2k In Game Team Tournament!

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Yep, you can use any level, they'll be automatically scaled to 50 when you battle =)

As for the clauses...

Species Clause - can't have two of the same Pokemon
Self-KO Clause - can't use moves that self KO on the last turn to force a tie eg. Explosion
Sleep Clause - can only put one of the opponent's Pokemon to sleep at a time
Freeze Clause - can only freeze one of the opponent's Pokemon at a time
Evasion Clause - no moves that increase evasion eg. Double Team
OHKO Clause - no OHKO moves

Good to see lots of entries!
Okay, thanks for all the help! :D I might have trouble with the sleep, but I'm sure I can work that out.

I have a small barrage of questions: When are we doing this? Will it work on Diamond? It's in the Pokemon Center that we go to battle over Wi-Fi, right? If so, which setting do we choose? And how do we a tourney? Just individual battles every day, or all in a row?

Also, anybody want to practice battle? I haven't used these pokemon in a long while.

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