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Default Re: G_R7ís Event Shop with 500 Events!

Originally Posted by Ceromax View Post
Does anyone know if there is going to be a Second Shiny raikou event? i missed it and i need it, i got entei today though. i dont want to trade for it because i dont feel safe when trading with random people. also anyone know if there is gonna be a second Celebi event?
Europe are getting all the Events over WiFi, so the US may still get it, with a different ID info, that way. Celebi starts in a few weeks.

I have Events over 2 game carts so please just add both FCs to trade with me. That way, you canít be wrong!
Main Game with most Events: 4941 2808 5719
Other one with about 100 Events on it: 3051 4947 9950.