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Originally Posted by HKim View Post

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Voice Index

This thread is an index of all the members who are interested in doing voice acting for various projects and their own enjoyment. Each member is allowed one post in which they can put whatever voice-related content they want including voice samples, finished scenes/projects voiced, scenes/projects they wish to be voiced, and any other similar information. You can modify your post any way you want. Only you are responsible for updating your post.

If you want to chat about voice acting and/or voice projects, check out the Voice Acting thread.

In your post, you are highly recommended to fill out the following form:

Voice Type:
Contact Details:
Voice Sample:

The link to your voice sample will be added to the first post by a moderator.

Listed Alphabetically:
Name: Daniel
Gender: Male
Voice Type: Low
Languages/Accents: English/ Australian, arabic and soveit russian accents i can do
Contact Details: or Daniel Ahmed Shephard on Fb
Availability: Nearly always till school starts in first of feb then only sundays cause i have soccer
Voice Sample: my youtube channel live recordings
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